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Always On[edit | edit source]

One of the most important concepts of Real Estate Mogul, like most Idle Time games, is that the game is always working, even if you close it. Months will continue to progress when you close the game, and you will continue to collect rent from your Properties. Just make sure you have enough Maintenance and Management hired to keep the Properties running at full profit, or you may find your income is almost zero when you come back.

Help With Numbers[edit | edit source]

Like many incremental games, the numbers in Real Estate Mogul can get very large, and some of the numbers aren't exactly something we come across in everyday life. To get a handle on just what some of those names mean, check out our Names of Numbers page.

Audio Settings[edit | edit source]

Icon Menu Page

To access the audio settings click the "Mogul Real Estate Co." icon at the top left of the page. There you can mute the sound completely or change the volume of the music and sound effects.

The Properties[edit | edit source]

To get started playing, first buy at least 1 Slum House by clicking on the Buy x1 Button at the right side of the "Slum Houses" row. Make sure you are only buying 1 of them at a time (you can toggle the number you are buying by clicking the "Buy X" toggle on the top right). Once you have purchased a "Slum House", hire a Maintenance worker and a Manager by clicking the grey + button on each column respectively. Now, you'll need to wait for a month to go by, and you should earn your first months rent!

Once you earn enough money, you should buy a few more Slum Houses, and make sure to keep your Maintenance and Management staff full. As you continue to earn more and more each month, you will eventually make enough money to buy better and better properties.

Once you get to a point where you are making lots of money each month, you may want to toggle the buy amount by clicking the "Buy X" toggle on the top right of the screen. This button toggles between buying x1, x10, x100, or Max, which will auto calculate the max you can currently afford.

Awards[edit | edit source]

At certain milestone levels, your properties will automatically earn Awards to help you gain money. You can view the unlocked and available Awards by clicking the buttons at the top of the Awards page.

Stats[edit | edit source]

The Stats page will show lots of information about your properties, money earned, as well as some general gameplay Stats and more.

Retirement & Your First Brokers[edit | edit source]

Once you feel like your income has reached a peak, and progress has slowed a bit, you may want to check out the retirement page. Retiring resets all your properties to 0 and your cash to $5,000, but it will also provide you with some Brokers based on how much money you earned. These Brokers are useful in 2 ways. First, they provide a bonus to your base income based on how many Brokers you have. Second, you can spend these Brokers on Research, which will provide huge bonuses and improvements to you Real Estate Empire. These Research effects are permanent and will stay active even as you Retire again in the future.

Research[edit | edit source]

Now that you've Retired once, and you have a few brokers, make sure to check out the Research page. Here you can spend your Brokers on research that will have a permanent effect on you game. Keep in mind that once you spend your Brokers you will lose the base income bonus they provide, so its always a good idea to keep at least some of them around. The base income bonus they provide is often worth more than the research bonsues early on, and you can always retire again in the future and save up for the more expensive Research items.