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Property Types[edit | edit source]

There are 8 property types in the game. Each one is more expensive than the last (at first, though this changes later as you buy more), makes more per month, and requires more Staff to keep it earning its full income. Properties increase in cost exponentially, but their income goes up linearly, so you will eventually hit a point where buying more properties isn't financially viable. This can be offset by hitting new award levels, retiring for more brokers, and conducting new Research.

Property Efficiency[edit | edit source]

Property Page
Property Type Base Cost Cost Increase Rate Base Income Income Efficiency
Slum Houses $1,000 8% $450 45%
Nice House $15,000 9% $5,000 33.33%
Duplex House $2255,000 12% $28,125 12.5%
Small Apartment $3,375,000 10% $143,438 4.25%
Large Apartment $50,625,000 8% $1,139,063 2.25%
Parking Garage $759,375,000 10.5% $4,176,563 0.55%
Low Rise Condo $11,390,625,000 9% $17,085,938 0.15%
High Rise Condo $170,859,375,000 8% $119,601,563 0.07%